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Yellow River Center

1466 Lanier Place, NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

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Tai Chi Workshops for people with Parkinson's Disease have become a primary focus for Yellow River Center. We've learned a lot about how the mind/body movements of Tai Chi can become beneficial to people who have this mind/body disease.


Workshops are one hour in length and only comfortable clothing is recomended.  Everyone who has been diagnosed with PD is welcome, as are caregivers.  Tai Chi has proven helpful at all stages of the disease, and the slow, gentle movements hold little risk for injury.


Locations and Times

Tuesdays - Midtown

2:15 to 3:15


Morningside Presbyterian Church


Map & Directions


Fridays - Decatur

11:15 to 12:15


The Regency


Map & Directions


Yellow River Center Workshops offer a holistic experience.  While activities are concentrated around a chosen contemplative discipline, participants are exposed to a variety of techniques and will learn how healthcare practitioners are integrating them into their practice.  The workshops we offer range from basic to advanced and are structured to be intensive learning experiences.  We are continually refining our teaching techniques as we gain insight from the research that is ongoing in integrative healthcare.


The two primary disciplines are:



Contact us to learn about workshops scheduled in your area.